SEO Success Case Study

Navigating Geographical Shift: SEO Success for Neurologist in Patna through Strategic Campaigns


Dr. Chandril Chugh, a renowned neurologist, relocated his practice from Delhi to Patna, presenting a unique challenge for maintaining and improving his online presence. The goal was to create awareness, drive traffic to the website, and establish a strong online presence in the new location through a carefully crafted SEO campaign.


  1. Geographical shift impact:** The relocation posed challenges in maintaining visibility on search engines as the practice shifted from Delhi to Patna.
  2. Online awareness:** Limited local awareness of Dr. Chandril Chugh in the new location.


  1. Reestablish local online presence:** Optimize the website to align with the new location and target local audiences in Patna.
  2. Drive traffic and engagement:** Create a steady flow of organic traffic to the website by leveraging SEO strategies.
  3. Enhance online awareness:** Establish Dr. Chandril Chugh as a reputable neurologist in Patna through informative content.

SEO case study for Neurologist


1. Website Optimization for Local SEO
– Updated website content to include location-specific keywords related to neurology services in Patna.
– Optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing with accurate business information, including the new address and contact details.

2. Content Marketing
– Developed a content strategy focusing on blog posts addressing trending neurology topics, common neurological diseases, and informative articles related to the specialty.
– Ensured that the content was not only informative but also locally relevant and engaging for the Patna audience.

3. High-Quality Backlink Building
– Conducted thorough research to identify reputable and relevant websites in the healthcare and medical niche.
– Secured high-quality backlinks through guest posting, collaborations, and outreach to local health-related organizations.

4. Google My Business Optimization
– Regularly updated the GMB profile with recent patient reviews, service updates, and relevant images to maintain a dynamic and informative profile.


1. Local Presence Establishment
– Successfully reestablished a strong online presence for Dr. Chandril Chugh in Patna, with improved visibility on local search results.

2. Traffic and engagement
– Implemented a content-driven SEO strategy that led to a steady increase in organic traffic to the website.
– User engagement improved through informative blog posts and locally relevant content.

3. Online Awareness
Dr. Chandril Chugh gained recognition as a reputable neurologist in Patna, with positive feedback and reviews on Google My Business.


The SEO campaign for Dr. Chandril Chugh successfully navigated the challenges posed by the geographical shift from Delhi to Patna. By combining local SEO strategies, content marketing, and high-quality backlink building, we not only reestablished a robust online presence but also enhanced awareness and engagement with the local audience. This case study highlights the effectiveness of a carefully tailored SEO plan in adapting to changing business landscapes and achieving sustainable results over time.